Space Party Game Ideas – Plus Free Playlist!

Space Party Game Ideas – Plus Free Playlist!

Our space theme has the perfect selection of accessories for a super galatic party!

Did you know we also do a free playlist? Our Marvellous Cat Space Party Soundtrack features 14 tracks to get your party in full swing.  We try to make our playlists feature songs that grown ups would like to hear too, so our selection includes space symphonies from Moby, The Rolling Stones, Lou Reed, David Bowie and Beastie Boys as well as lots more.

To hear the full version and download it free for your party click here!

So while you have the music – what about games? We have thought up some intergalactic fun to get you on your way!

Astronaut Training – The classic obstacle course can be adapted to fit any party theme and is a great one for using up lots of energy! Include tasks such as a tunnel crawl, gravity lifts (jumps), a balancing beam and a space race to the finish!

Space Hopper Race – take the classic space hopper and turn it into a contest, winner gets a space snack!

Pass the parcel round the galaxy – turn classic pass the parcel into a space themed success with a different layer of wrap for each planet

Build a rocket – an easy classic craft activity which you could adapt to using almost anything – loo rolls, washing up liquid bottles, or even fizzy pop bottles for jet packs..cut out parts for children to easily stick on, and supply them with kids scissors and glue.

Moon Rocks treasure hunt – wrap up kinder eggs or small plastic easter eggs with treats inside in silver foil, then hide them round the room/garden

Musical Planets – a bit like musical chairs, except you have to stand on a planet when the music stops.  The child who doesn’t find a planet is out (but gets a little treat for taking part)!

And finally – put on our Space playlist and have a super sonic dancing game, giving  prize to the best dance on each song!

Can you think of any other space party games? We would love to hear your suggestions!


the Marvellous Cat Team x

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